Pitching PPT (PowerPoint) Presentation

Pitching PPT (PowerPoint) Presentation

Pitching presentations are different from ordinary product presentation or service presentation. It requires the great understanding about investor, their mind set, the information they seek from presentation and most importantly why they should invest in this particular idea or business.  With lots of startups mushrooming around the world , the job of investor has become even more difficult. They have to hear many pitches through day, some are good other are average or below average. Now only good design, good animation may not be sufficient for pitching presentation but good content, stats, visualizing  of information become equally important.  The Platform for Pitching presentation may be Multimedia Flash based presentation or PowerPoint.

Following are few points which you need to take care while getting your pitching presentation prepared.

  • Visually good & appealing
  • With full of statics & figures to support your point
  • Clearly defined TG with customer persona
  • Your prior experience on business & your plan for future
  • SWOT analysis & competition
  • Time period for execution of plan in various phases & investment requirement phase wise
  • Outcome / profit in terms of number/dollars
  • Greater picture as a whole
  • Why this project should be considered for investment.  
  • Q & A slide for answering the queries 

Remember even a great idea if not presented well may go waste so you design pitching presentation in a way that it can excite investor, talk their language and shows your passion for the idea.

Samples of pitches PPT Presentation

  1. Multimedia Presentation
  2. Powerpoint Presentation
  3. Content writing for pitching presentation