About Us

This is ‘About Us’

Making positive change in people lives through design & technology has been our sole agenda in everything we do. We believe at the end it is H2H i.e., human interacting with human to get the things done with persuasive, powerful, engaging dialogues, presentations and other form of communications.


Bharat Infotech was founded by Harish K Saini at the time when the world was witnessing the dot-com boom, India was witnessing some severe globalisation, and ‘Friends’ TV Series was an international urban youth frenzy.


The world has come a long way from those times, and so have we, and today we are known as Recherché Digital Private Limited. Adding new directors and board of advisory to make company more robust and diverse. The word Recherché means ‘Rare’, something ‘extracted with care’. The name is inspired by a French word, and our attitude that is shown towards our work.

The Culture

We hate to admit it out loud, but we really like what we do, be it working with companies over the globe, or simply discussing about the innovation which we could present next. Our work is corporatized, but not boring. And we have duly experienced what it means by being productive, and not mechanical. In fact, we are experiencing it right now, by the means of brainstorming together, getting out to ‘cheat’ with some Pizza, and making some and more happy clients. This is the routine at our space; hence, we haven’t found a reason yet to get away with it.

The Journey

Our journey from the late 90’s till today has made us resilient, and helped us grow to attempt an ‘inch higher’ every time. In 2006 we become Intel Software Partner. With growing team & business we decided to move our own building in 2013 designed tastefully by famous Bulgarian Architect Nicolas Nikolov.

Silicon review magazine identified us 30 fastest growing company in Asia in 2015 and we were all super busy in building company of future. In 2016 we decided to upgrade our company legal structure and added more experience and a diverse board to the growth of company. Considering the demand of services and making it easy for European customers to work with us, we started our UK business arm in 2017. Appreciating the business growth Ministry of MSME chose company for Business World award in 2018. Although the pandemic hit world hard in 2019-20 but our growth plan continued in background and in the beginning of the 2021, we introduced ourselves in world’s biggest market United States.

The Brand

Our brand is today well perceived among the corporate world, as we have been able to deliver quality work to 50+ industries and 1000+ customers, including companies like Honda, Abbott, Nokia, Motorola, ISRO, and the client list is happily getting bigger. The excellence of same is responded to us in the form of 10+ accolades, that we have been awarded till date. Adding to that, collaboration with TiE, Working with Times of India on various CSR, working with Govt of India on Digital literacy, being part of prestigious StartUp India Program are few accomplishments we are proud of to have achieved.


Webinar on the Subject, Speak & Influence the People

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The purpose of every presentation is to convince your target audience for your idea, product or service.

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Come! Be a part of our journey, we’d be happy to see you here. Do apply to be part of us & make difference in people lives for good!