About Bharat Infotech

About Bharat Infotech

Vision Statement

To present(Showcase) every business to their target audience in most engaging & persuasive way possible through our presentations.

Dreams have been the real inspiring force for humans and the dreams that can be realized keep us involved in life. But Bharat Infotech goes further and attaches a certain responsibility with its dreams. Goal-oriented investment of our effort in varied projects has been an apparent illustration of that.

1998 was the year when Bharat Infotech commenced rendering its services as a multi-media company. Since then we have literally come a long way. The journey has been peppered with trials and triumphs, progress and perfection and rise and recognition.

An Intel Software partner, Bharat Infotech, after a measured start in the initial years stepped on the gas to rev up its presence in different corporate corridors with a gradual expansion and diversification of work-profile of the company. Today our team as a large repository of collective acumen from various fields with the ingrained culture and facility of free flow of innovative ideas toils day-in and day-out with an unflinching commitment to produce a huge and assorted body of work.

Making Websites has become a routine affair now-a-days but for us, it is still special, we pour our effort with the same degree of seriousness and skill-level into it as we do in other stints. Static, Dynamic, Portals, E-commerce or Flash-based websites, we grasp the character of the specific demand of the customer and then construct them with the requisite finesse.

When we write content, it becomes a reliable manuscript on the subject; when we make a documentary, it is the most simple explanation of the topic, when we create a corporate movie, it works as a visual literature for the company and its products; various presentations crafted by us leave you with a sense of wonder.

We understand our customers in the true sense of the word which is why we constantly strive to do work that suits their respective unique needs. Different Online Softwares, varied Integrations, Lead Management Software etc prepared by us have been incorporated by several companies seamlessly. Rest assured we are providing our customers with cloud-connect services from a top-class hosting-provider. Integrated Marketing Software, intensely researched software of ours, is a high-end cloud-based solution on the SAAS model. IMS has already carved a place in the organizational architecture of so many companies.

We excel in various applications as well. A team of experts carry out executions on Mobile Applications, FB Applications and Mobile Sites. Bharat Infotech is one organization where cross-functional collaboration and cross-platform experience among its members stand out conspicuously.

A comprehensive understanding of Google products has made our path smooth and replete with accomplishments. But in the success-trail, we have continually conveyed to our customers that quality doesn't have to come at an exorbitant price, Bharat Infotech aspires for their complete satisfaction. At Bharat Infotech, for us, business definitely is the objective, but a proper and honest engagement with customers is paramount for us. It is this ethos which regularly propels us to do more and continually expand our horizon which is what we did when we launched our presentation services in Bengaluru recently. Plans are definitely afoot to launch ourselves at various other places. In fact, we don't want a dramatic flourish, we wish to move up steadily through the corridors of our clients' hearts.

Life at Bharat Infotech

We believe happy man power is more productive. We strive to make work and life balance by providing sufficient off work days & marinating moderate working hours with lot's of fun at work. It is our aim to make office working environment cool & light thus created our entire office architecture & design as per our philosophy. We invite you to have a glimpses