What is the cost of a PowerPoint presentation design?

..and how to save upto 50% on your PowerPoint designing cost by using 8 points.

Ready to outsource PowerPoint design work but no idea how much should be the cost of PPT design? You are at the right place. Don't reach to agency or negotiate until you read all 5 points.

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EP 07: Cost of power point presentation designing.

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I am an expert presentation designer and asked one of my friends, “How would you like a presentation design? Cheaper… Fast… Quality then he replied cheaper. Obviously everybody looks for cheaper, faster and high quality presentation. Every presentation has a variable and fixed design cost for it. You must consider many factors such as content, time, visuals affecting the price of presentation designing before choosing a freelancer or an agency because each of them has a different skill sets and working experience. Usually freelancer charges you at hours basis or slide basis instead an agency charges per project as well. Understand your needs and budget for a specific presentation application and set the tight deadline of it to be finished very soon to reduce the design cost.

  1. Revisions:Total rounds of revisions will increase the time and amount of work done in a presentation so try to avoid of revisions for PowerPoint presentations.
  2. High Quality Images: If you want to embed high quality images into your presentation then you can own yourself or let it be given by your designer but keep in mind one thing that anyone can purchase high quality images in free from shutterstock, Dreamstime, Gettyimages etc.
  3. Approval Process: The approval process may impact presentation design cost because more the clarity in specifications you in advance, will be easier to depreciate the final price.
  4. Original Template: Original presentation theme or template may add extra cost to your presentation project as your designer will put additional effort in art and photoshop.

Let's start right way, after reading this article you should able to get the idea of following

  1. The typical cost of professional PowerPoint design
  2. Common price packages
  3. Project to project cost and retainership cost
  4. Parameter of costs
  5. 8 ways to save up to 50% cost of PPT designing?

With so many PPT agencies out there claiming best PowerPoint design in the least possible cost, it is very easy for anybody to get lost in the pricing of Professional presentation designing. This blog should able to guide you with what exactly you should know about the costing of PPT & how to save PPT making charges. And in case you want to know what would is cost of poor presentation designing cost to your organisation this blog is for you.

Typical Cost of PowerPoint design

Per slide cost

While you can see PowerPoint presentation charges start with as low as $5 per slide, there are certain companies which even say like $50 for making entire presentation without even knowing the scope or number of slides. You must watch out these companies which usually use AdWords or advertisement on keywords and try to impress the client with their costing only.

Below is the table which can give you typical pricing of PowerPoint designs


Type of work



Typical per slide cost


Rearrange & improve design

Enhancing look & Feel

3 to 5 days



Template design

Place all information in template

2 to 5 days

$7 to $10


Customised design

New PPT from scratch with custom design

5 to 7 days 

$12 - $20


Fresh design with content

Content writing & fresh design

5 days to 10 days

$20 - $30


Premium design

Visualiser , Art director, Senior Graphic designer, content writer

5 to 10 days

starting from $120


Above prices vary from agency to agency but this is the broader range for A class agency for presentation designing.

Podcast On Business Building

EP 07: Cost of power point presentation designing.

Know your requirement: Yes, you know that you have a requirement of PowerPoint presentation but there are certain information which should be handy with you to share with upcoming agency to decide upon costing or to quote you.

Factors which may impact costing of your PowerPoint designing

It is a good idea that you keep maximum information ready. More you know about your project more you are in control and negotiate better.

  • Target audience: Who are your target audience, what are designation bracket, sector or industry, age group, more you know about them more you feed your agency and less they have to work and less may be the price they charge for presentation designing.
  • How its’ going to be presented: It is also an important information that you should share with PowerPoint designing agency. Will it be presented in person where the presenter explains the PPT or will it to go as an attachment in the mail and one has to understand by himself. The agency may need to decide about the format, font size, information on each slide etc. This information may impact cost.
  • The content: Have you prepared your content or you want the agency to write on your behalf. Generally, customers have rough content in form of PPT or word format which is usually not good for presentation making, an agency may suggest to feed them input / rough content and they may like to come up with their own presentation worthy content. you may save some cost by doing that work yourself but that may lead to more time and energy utilization than the cost of content writing.
  • The style: There are numbers of style which may give you a sneak peek of your upcoming final PPT outlook. PowerPoint agencies do have their own list styles and you may help them choosing out of them thus they need not to work from scratch and this should save you a good amount. With style means is not template but a general look n feel of presentation where good ppt designer understands the theme you would be interested in.
  • The timeline: Almost all agencies have this bracket and if you have a tight timeline then you would probably end up paying more for PowerPoint designing. Besides fast working also compromises creativity up to some extent. It is always advisable to plan your PowerPoint presentation in advance and give your agency sufficient time to come up with ideas and creativity.

In nutshell more information, time and creative liberty shall help you saving money on presentation designing.

Now let’s talk about different pricing plan for professional presentation designing.:

There are four types of plans which you find in the market.  

  1. Project to Project basis
  2. Retainer basis
  3. Hourly basis
  4. Resource Oriented

Project to Project basis: If you reach to any PowerPoint designing agency on time to time base with the project then you may have to bear their standard prices which are usually mentioned on their website.

There are few agencies who have prepared their rate cards and few agencies quote on a given brief. The companies which work on project brief usually are costlier than companies which upfront declare their prices online.

You may try comparing the prices of agencies which have declared their prices on website along with features you will be getting in the price range. While deciding upon cost on the basis of package always look for revisions.

Many agencies limit their delivery with number revisions that they will do on the project, there are few which offer unlimited revisions but goes without saying those will probably charging you more as they are not sure how much changes they will be doing. 

Retainers: Standard costing is a good idea when you have a fewer requirement but you are in regular need of the presentations then you can talk to the agencies for retainership pricing.

Many agencies do have retainership program with good features like priority deliveries, more number of revisions and prompt responses, project manager ect but the only limitation is that you have to provide a monthly ( periodically ) payments and have a commitment of X number of slides per month.

Though retainership is more sensible option as you will be having people who have been working on your slides for some time and they know your brand, placement and typical requirement thus saving your briefing time.

PowerPoint designer Hourly Rate: There are certain individuals who work on hourly basis. These PowerPoint freelance designers provide their services through  freelance platforms and usually get hired from there.

With their earlier experience and portfolio PowerPoint freelancer charge $50 to $150 per hour. The decision of giving them the order, is usually done with their experience and portfolio. Though escrow of freelance platform may help you with frauds and poor delivery , you must take care while sourcing them directly as being individual they don’t have much to loose and you may end up with loosing time if not money.

Resource utilization based costing: There are some special cases where the agency may quote you a very high price, usually these prices are for designing high-end presentations designs. These presentations demand a high level of a resource like a visualizer, art director, content writer, and advance animators etc.

In these cases even though the number of slides may be limited but the cost of presentation designing may be as high as 3 to 4 time of standard cost. Remember here number of slides do not make much difference but working on the concept, designing of special elements, icons and victualing the storyline and writing high-end material do make an impact on cost.

How do you know your project is resource hungry or the standard one?

There are certain cases where it is always required to assign higher resources for making an impactful presentation like making of Pitch Presentation. Some of them are

  1. Pitch presentation
  2. Product launching
  3. Concept-oriented presentation

And few selected more.

How the cost of PPT design is determined?

 Most of the cost is resource oriented, more resource requirement more will be the cost. While standard packages have already set pattern and assigned manpower with the process & they always tend to cost less and output is reasonable designed, however, more the time and more resource hungry project more is the cost of project.

The parameters which impact the costing of PowerPoint designing:

  1. Type of style you need for your presentation
  2. How many people are required on the project
  3. Depth & complexity of the content
  4. Advance animation requirement
  5. Customised content and design element
  6. Number of slides you require
  7. Timeline ( shorter timeline higher cost)

How to save up to 50% cost in PowerPoint designing?

Now comes the interesting part as of how to save cost for your presentation. There are many companies, individuals and in some cases startups who have a limited budget or valid reason not to spend much on PowerPoint presentation. Good news is that you can save some good amount by using one of the following methods

Podcast On Business Building

EP 07: Cost of power point presentation designing.

  1. Geographic location saving: For European, American & Middle East companies or individuals, it is cheaper to outsource your PPT to Asian agencies. Countries like India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan have good talent for English speaking and are comparatively cheaper. It’s almost 10% straight saving on designing cost.
  2. Special price: If you are an NGO, Education institution or student, then talk to the agency, these agencies usually have special and discounted price. You can easily save up to 20% in designing cost
  3. Write content: Take the guidance from the agency and write the content yourself. You will save the potential amount. Of course, you have to do the hard work in writing but that will save again around 20% of the project cost.
  4. Provide ample time: This is usually not mentioned on sites or directly admitted by agencies but you can talk to your agency and offer them ample time for designing in lieu of discount so that they can use their unutilized time or empty timeline to make some money with your project. Depending upon agency to agency this could be like 30 to 40 % saving in cost.
  5. Co-brand: There is huge competition in the field of presentation designing and good agencies are spending a handsome amount on branding and marketing. Talk to them, if you can promote them through your presentation by co-branding. Saving can be huge if you have some good followership or you are representing the community.
  6. Provide testimony: After completion of the project, a good testimony may fetch you some saving also. Few agencies have marketing coupon or loyalty program which they may extend you after you provide generous testimony. This should reduce the cost by 10% to 15%
  7. Provide brand guidelines: Not necessarily it’s going to reduce the price but as a thumb rule if time spends on the project is less than the charges should be less. Providing brand guidelines, theme, content, and fast approvals, it all should help designing agency and it should help you get the concession. Again talk to the agency, inform them in advance what all you have and how fast you will be on approvals & input and agency may cut the charges.
  8. Bulk discount: Apart from standard feature and price packages, agencies usually give away bulk design discount or sometime they do have separate rate cart for bulk slide designing, though they usually don’t disclose it upfront and if you have good number of slides then you must always talk to your agency and negotiate the standard price. Usually, 100+ slides come in bulk order.

So if you club together first 3 points you will potentially be saving more than 50% on your ppt designing cost. Just check which all are applicable to you and reach to your agency for reducing you PowerPoint cost.

With this, I hope you are in a position to decide what is the best price you should offer to the agency and at the same time save potentially by using 8 ways mentioned above.