Businesses around the world are changing continuously. The first thing you should also do is to identify your goal and align it with your marketing capabilities. Be open for ideas and most importantly for change. Traditional ways of doing business has changed a lot and doing the business and doing marketing in a traditional way could be proved fatal. Bharat Infotech is working on new ideas for marketing, presentations and communications. This on going efforts will be seen in near future where you can see the presentation or business communication in much advanced level.

  • Easy placement of tools: Change the way you use the presentations, we are building a flexible presentation platform where you can your self place the presentation tools to any area of screen for easy watching. These modules are designed in a way that you can not even place them but also make them hidden. This help you to organize you screen of presentation with just a quick mouse moment.
  • Module replacement: Customization is another area where we are concentrating. With our experience we learned that a business can have number of clients where they want to show different presentation keeping there core information same like about company. For example a Pharmacy company may want to show a presentation to specialist where company core information like about company. Infrastructure and contact details will remain same but the product part should be the one which is meant for that specialist.
  • At Bharat Infotech we work in direction of client convenience and success. In next few months the beta version of such presentation will be out and reality.
  • Multi-Lingual: Ever watched World Movies a satellite movies channel which shows the best movies of different countries with subtitle in English. Why not presentations? Most of our clients from export sector indicated this special requirement and we gave an ear to them. We are working on technology where viewer can choose the language either in subtitle or in voice and listen / see the same presentation in his native language. Wouldn’t it be great to show your same presentation making your business communication content same and showing in different languages? Yes, soon it will be reality. We are working on it and soon announcing it’s beta version.
  • Library of Presentations: Archive of presentations is our project in incubator. We want to make a big library of presentation where we plan to keep the presentations and their versions online throughout time so that any one can have access of any presentation around the world any time, making presentation working harder for our clients; we have already started the process of gathering required permission and making them online.