Corporate Social Responsibility

Vastra is initiative for under privileged section of India which includes both rural and urban areas. We collect the cloths from various sources and assort them Age and Gender wise. This collection is than distributed among poor and needy people. With it's starting from July 2010 we have been able to collect more than 200 pieces of cloths and are ready for distribution. These cloths are well packed into boxes and kept in clean and moisture free area.


Company's members, neighborhood, clients and vendors helped us in this initiative and we look forward for more and more people to join us in this mission. If you want to contribute please send your details through below mentioned form or directly contact to Program head Ms Ragini at [email protected] . You can also support us through Facebook and Twitter for spreading the word of help among our society.

Starting from May 2018, Board has approved the "Discounted Price for NGOs, Non Profit Orgnisation" , do visit here and check your elegibility.