Some of case studies and testimonials from our esteemed clients

The month was February, year 2020, when India was not yet restricted under the norms of Corona lockdown. In order to maintain our promise to the deadlines which we already had, we were hitting our fingers on the keyboards in our office, and just then, Team NOKIA made a Wild Card Entry….

It was another business-day at Recherché Digital and the Designing Team was usually busy in creating new designs for a client and time and again was in discussion with him. Vikas, the Head Designer, was having a talk with Prabhat, the Marketing Head, regarding the bulk of projects…. 

Abbott, highly trusted healthcare company turned to Bharat Infotech. Abbott required a presentation at the earliest possible. It had an international conference, where it had to present an imposing presentation. The overseas conference was very important for Abbott and just a couple of days….

It’s always exciting to find something new and challenging. Bharat Benz gave us a chance to do so. Bharat Benz, the heavy automobile arm of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Private Limited. The brand of Bharat Benz is based in Haryana and holds multiple ‘sales, service and spare’ points of Bharat….

The month was January, and the year was 2021 when Team Recherche got in touch with Thermo Fisher Scientific for the purpose of creating a presentation.  Thermo Fisher Scientific is an American Multinational manufacturer of life-science based products, they also manufacture equipment for….

It was a normal day at Recherche. Orders had queued up, and everyone went about their work, busy meeting deadlines. Amidst all the daily hustle, we received a call from the Blue Star Management. Blue Star, India’s leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company, reached out to us for a….

GE Oil and Gas, a prominent name in the oil and gas sector, dominating the industry for a long time, approached Recherche for a presentation. They wanted to give an overview of their plant and its capability and the project management process flow, through a presentation….

It was unlike any other day at Recherche. The ambience had warmed up, with some furious tapping on the keyboards, a small group discussing about what designs and themes to incorporate, and murmurs here and there. Everybody was busy trying to meet deadlines….

The sound of the clock ticking and fingers hitting the keyboard filled the entire room. Everyone was busy amidst the daily hustle and meeting deadlines. Amongst this rush we got a call from the management of IOCL. IOCL required a presentation on IOT in terminal and retail…

Poly cab, India’s leading manufacturers of cables and wires and allied products, has been forging a culture of innovation and growth for the past 5 decades. They have put forth relentless efforts to bridge the digital gap in our country, transforming the lives of many in the process. Poly cab…

Schindler, one of the world’s leading provider of elevators, escalators and moving walks, consulted Recherche with regards to a presentation that they required on an urgent basis within a limited time span. Schindler, wanted to reach a new audience and work towards a larger goal….

It was a busy day at Recherche . It was towards the end of the week, and there was quite a hustle trying to get work done and meeting deadlines. It was then we received a call from John Deere management. John Deere, an American corporation that dealt with manufacturing….

It was a happening day at Recherche. Orders had queued up to quite an extent and everyone was in a hustle, trying to meet deadlines. Yes, it was like every other day at Recherche, but we had no idea the excitement that awaited us. Amidst all the rush, we received a phone call from the….

It was a very happening day in Recherche. There was a lot on our plate, and we had a lot of orders queued up, which was exciting yet nerve wracking for us. Rockwell Automation, the American provider of industrial automation and information technology, approached us for a PowerPoint….

India had just entered into the financial year of 2018, when we first had an encounter with the team of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. The company is an internationally reaching drug manufacturer. Its base is located in Mumbai, India; but its products reach to various parts of the world….

It was the year 2018. Another normal day at Recherche. Orders had queued up, and everyone went about their work, busy meeting deadlines. Amidst allthe daily hustle, we  received a call from the Stefanini Management…. 

A leading international tobacco company, Philip Morris International (PMI) came to us with heavy, convoluted & cumbersome data-sets. It was not a regular request to make a presentation on data-sets like they had. It’s was an urgent….

It was a regular day at work when Antrix Corporation Limited, the commercial arm of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) made an important announcement. Antrix required a presentation which ISRO could present….

It was the second half of second decade of the 21st century, when we first met with this company named Rays Power Experts Private Limited. Rays Power is an Indian tech firm based in Rajasthan, which specialises in Solar Technology segment. Till date, it has been able accomplish projects….

Our first encounter with Future Hi-Tech happened in September, 2020, when businesses where slowly re-opening after the Corona Lockdown. A time when every new customer was a boon to almost every business out there.The team of Future Hi-Tech reached us as a result of a….

Magnitech Engineers wanted to educate manufacturers & suppliers the process of entering the sector and where all places/stages company can help them in the process. By showing the interactive presentation, the company can quickly take the viewer through various sectors and….

Let’s talk about Airports Authority of India or AAI. It is an official body which was constituted by the Government of India in the year 1995 to manage and control the functioning of Indian Airports. It pretty much works as a corporate body, as it has also been conferred the Miniratna Status…

Bajaj Allianz is another Insurance Arm of the Bajaj Group with a partnership between Bajaj Finserv and Germany’s Allianz SE. It has been quite a ‘literal ride’ for us to be working for this company. The team of Bajaj Allianz was the one who got in touch with us. 

Bharat IT is an Indian tech company based in Noida. They help out institutions like banks in the hardware and software support of some important machineries like printer and scanner. The company has a multi reach presence in India…

It is always a ‘good experience’ to have some ‘new experience’ with a new client. And it yet again became possible in December 2020. This was the time after the 1st Wave of COVID-19 pandemic, and the world businessess had learnt by then that without technology…

We came to meet with Nityo Infotech, when we were already somewhat busy with other projects. But nevertheless, we attended their query and accepted the task they had approached us for. And as a result of which, we made ourselves more occupied…

Ethica Sigorta is an example of our work transcending national boundaries. So Ethica Sigorta is a Turkey based Insurance start-up which works by providing insurance products to people. The company engages in insuring the Turkish population…

BMW Eminent Cars

Everyone was going about their usual chores—a typical day at the office. Our manager told us about the new project from BMW Eminent Cars. The announcement came in like a breath of fresh air. It had been quite some time since we had such a big project…


Recherche Digital was just as hustling and bustling as ever. Everyone was busy on their computers, typing, and designing, meeting deadlines, and making ends meet. The ring of the phone was what caught everyone’s attention, and the call was from Kings Kulfi…


Everyone at Recherche Digital was going about their daily chores. Different departments were putting in the time and effort to get things done. We were completing reports, collaborating with different departments, and meeting deadlines. The usual routine…


This time it was ICICI Prudential. We had earlier worked with ICICI Lombard, but it was going to be our first experience with ICICI Prudential. The brief began with that they wanted a presentation for a company event, 


The month of December, the month of Christmas, the month of Santa, and the month of the festival. This period was when we had our first heard from UKB Electronics Pvt Ltd. 


At Recherche Digital, it was simply another busy day. The sun was seeping
through the windows, illuminating the very bright interior of the office. The
employees sipped on their morning coffees..



Eagle Infotech

Core Integra Consulting Services Pvt Ltd


Dy CSM, Indian Railways


Pradeep Testimoney

Roshni Papneja, Ethix Pharma, UK