Your Business Presentation or PPT has to be a unique article

PPTs have been a tried-and-tested formula for business-summary, report and information. So much so that they are frequently called Business Presentations as well. But previously you often got these Business Presentations or PPTs laden with prolonged textual content. People wanted to say everything on every slide, let alone the full presentation. The glut of information perplexed audiences and over-lapping information confused them. Call-of-Action was a random result.

Then simple PPTs with lesser words and selected pieces of information came into picture and yielded results. In the age of decreasing attention-span, these PPTs worked well and are still working. Designing has definitely moved up with new touches. Different forms of graphical tools have made PPTs more and more audience-friendly.

We see the presenter and his presentation as a team, working in tandem today. The presenter grasps each and every point of his PPT and presents it in sync with the materials in the presentation. A simple beginning he does on each slide, then he leads his audiences to the materials on the slide and then bolsters the message by making some conclusive remarks or points. Duplication or repetitiveness at any point is avoided carefully. Highlighting of massive points must be made in a way that they don’t seem redundant. The presenter has not got to repeat what has been shown on slides.

In this PPT-stuffed world, you have to have uniqueness in your presentation. You can establish your distinct identity through the textual content, however small it is. You can establish your distinct individuality through the innovative graphics, the storyline, supporting images or even through the inventive animations. Colour of the background, font’s shape and size, different colour-combinations among different contents on a slide, everything can create a distinctive impression.

  Your Business Presentation or PPT has to be a different entity bearing a different core message. It has to be a unified and interrelated product with transparent and disparate information.