Visuals: Increasing importance

Visuals, images, videos and animations, have become integral ingredients in multimedia presentations. “Seeing is Believing”, as they say, is correct for presentations, especially flash-based presentations. Whatever first visual appears on the screen, carves a certain imprint on audiences’ minds. And if all the visuals in the presentation possess a coherent presence and are synchronized with the other contents, this imprint becomes deeper and bolder.

These visuals in sync with their respective texts make a direct impact on target-audiences. Your business-details, company-profile, plans, product or service-particulars, all of them become a compelling story fitted in these visuals and extract huge instantaneous involvement from the audiences. A simple image of the façade of your company-office, factory or manufacturing unit makes a definite connect with the viewers. And this is this connect which breeds business for you from your clients.

Shooting videos, taking photos or making animations has taken a huge leap these days with the technological advancements. Photos are excellent, videos are purposive and animations are effective. Additionally, findings have established time and again that your target-audiences are more expected to show interest in your business or offering after going through related visuals. Obviously, a good collection of visuals can’t be an assurance of spawning business-prospects, but they unquestionably generate an interest and inquisitiveness amongst the target-audiences about the core message of the presentation.