Varied Font-Effects to simplify message in presentation

Textual matter is the soul of any presentation. A visual or image can carry an indirect message, but words in the presentation always bear the unequivocal meaning. So, while the audiences can grasp the message from visuals or images instantly, words have to be made conspicuous and eye-catching, enabling the audiences to grasp them effortlessly. And application of different font-effects is an effective way to highlight the texts for sure.

Bold Texts: You can make your font deep by simply making the texts bold. With a cautious approach, you can attract the audience with the boldness of the font. Underlined Texts: Putting a line under words is also a good method to put emphasis on them or their meaning.

Italicization- : Italicized words denote emphasis, but in a presentation, they may not be excellently legible. Therefore, an italic style in your font must definitely be carefully used.
Shadow: Creating Shadow is not very advisable to draw attention to words. It confuses the audiences and at many places, shadows don’t even come to the fore confusing them even more.

Capital Letters: Writing something in Block Letters is certainly one way to catch the attention of the reader, but writing the entire textual matter in Capital Letters hardly draws any attention of the audiences.
Apart from all this, there are some styles in Word Art and some Highlighting-techniques which can accentuate words placed in the font of your selection. But the entire exercise and font-effect-applications must be to underscore and emphasize the words in your presentation in order to simplifying the core message for the audiences.