Talent Acquisition is more than Recruitment

When you start a business, you are not the only one whose effort decides the success or failure of your business, your staff-members are the main deciding factor. That’s why Talent Acquisition has become increasingly significant in this corporate landscape. And also, Talent Acquisition bears more inherent meaning than a mere Recruitment.

Talent Acquisition is richer in approach, method and outcomes than the Recruitment. Hiring the most competent people for an organization benefits it in more than one way. And selection of right people depends on accurately discovering them on the base of a well-defined strategy. Recruitment is more or less a perfunctory process where duties are fulfilled without any value-added inputs. When you are into Talent Acquisition, you draw best talents to fulfill your business-requirements, but when you are into Recruitment-mode, you fill a job-vacancy.  

Talent Acquisition carries a deep strategy, its perspective is deep-seated in building your business. Plans of future are erected on Talent Acquisition. Having anticipated business-needs in the core, Talent Acquisition takes you to business-growth and a certain competitive advantage. Recruitment talks of present, takes care of your present needs and matches the job to the skill on a contemporary requirement. Building a diverse workforce at different levels for the real expansion of your business is ignored here. Diverse workforce can only be taken on board when you practise Talent Acquisition as it is more comprehensive in approach and takes various other nuances in recruiting.

In essence, Recruitment is simply a task which matches skill to the job while Talent Acquisition is an initiative wherein your business-aims and objectives are ingrained.