Success lasts if achieved through experience

It is always said that there is no short-cut to success; you have to go through the grind. There are people who get a sliver of success by a lucky inheritance or a sheer chance, but they don’t go much far. The trial and error-phase, incessant failures, an elongated period of ideas not getting fruitful, all of this adds to your experience. And success standing on the plinth of experience lasts inevitably longer.

Every opportunity you lap up is not going to transform into accomplishment for you. Every idea you think out is not going to be implemented by you perfectly. Every plan of yours is not going to fructify into achievement for sure. Perseverance and your conviction in your effort are what keep you in good stead. But these virtues come to you when and only when you go through the grind of experience. There is no substitute to hard work and the experience gained from it.

Though you gain experience through the life, yet during the period of failures and dejection, you gain it in abundance as you come across all the types of negative circumstances. Experience lets you know their causes and respective management. And then the success built on this experience becomes an abiding one.