Steve Jobs’s presentations had 8 striking facets

55.  Steve Jobs’s presentations had 8 striking facets

Steve Jobs will always be remembered for his presentation-skills. He was a non-pareil entrepreneur, had an acute business-acumen and believed in incisive planning. But his presentations are watched over and over again by people from across the globe to detect the inherent skills. His presentations were always structured with 8 conspicuous facets:

  1. Wrapped in story: He always believed in the power of a story. A story gets etched in people’s minds easily, that’s why he normally told stories in presentations. 
  2. Simple & effective visuals: Uncomplicated visuals with fewer texts were his favourite. These visuals assist audiences grasp a presenter’s concepts and thoughts swiftly.
  3. The Rule of Three:  The Rule of Three simply signifies that you must break the core message of your presentation in 3 parts to make it easily memorable for audiences. Steve never wanted his audiences to get perplexed with many points and also, he didn’t want to give them a feeling of insignificance for the subject by keeping it to less than 3 points.
  4. Simplification of analytical data and figures:To save them from being boring, he always presented statistical data with some story to give the audiences simplified facts extracted from them.
  5. Surprise element: It’s a well-known fact that surprises often fascinate people. And Steve knew this and used it proficiently. Often his presentations contained a moment of surprise for audiences which connected them with the core message big-time.
  6. Preparation for excellence:Practice makes a man perfect and Steve was a firm believer in the axiom. Every presentation of his reflected his effort and preparation. And the result is known by everyone.
  7. Passion in Presentation:Whatever you do, do it with deep passion, this has been the success-mantra for ages. And Steve always brought his presentations before the audiences with profound passion. His conspicuous passion rubbed off them evidently and made his presentations impactful.
  8. Use of efficacious textual content:He always dotted his presentations with emphatic but easy, comprehensible words. Audiences were impacted in a big way and also, they understood the core message smoothly as well. His words came out to continue the flow of the presentation and complimented the visuals in a harmonized manner.

Apart from his other credentials and accomplishments, Steve Jobs was undoubtedly a genius as far as making presentations is concerned. He charmed one and all with his speech-making skills. And his presentations had a distinct appeal with definite results.