Social Media has carved a niche in marketing arena

Marketing through Social Media Channels in India is in embryonic phase, which has evolved through hit-&-trial experiences. But there still is a lot to be learnt. Collection, communication and distribution of data and information have become the essence of all the Social Media-activities. A habit of reading and writing blogs, routine-interaction on social networking sites, increasing use of different content-sharing sites like The Logical Indian, Buzzfeed, SlideShare, Scribd, LinkedIn etc. and robust presence on varied Micro-blogging sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbir.com, Dipity etc. are some of the facets we have developed to push our marketing campaigns.

After the Social Media revolution, which has ushered in less capital and less man-power for marketing, India has seen young people using internet and becoming successful entrepreneurs through net-based campaigns. Of course, different Social Channels have given a forceful impetus to business-aims and purposes. The uniqueness of this medium lies in its potential to draw people towards them. Different platforms are empowered with the necessary tools providing motivation for people to interact and share information and resources. Marketing through Social media is not only confined to just creating great content, It’s also about sharing that content in a variety of ways to increase the chances of the content reaching to your target-audience effectively.

Social Media-platforms have become a great interactive place for you to promote your products or services. In fact, the basic advantage of Social Media is deeply rooted in the cultivation of multi-pronged interactions. It helps you engage with your existing and prospective customers and other stakeholders on a continual basis. Apart from augmenting visibility, you fancy your chances to build a community beyond geographies revolving around your products or services using its varied tools.

Social Media Marketing is getting matured slowly but surely. But it represents definitely a huge shift in the way we promote our products, services or initiatives, carving a certain niche in the marketing world.