Remuneration of agencies or PPT-experts depends on many things

Many agencies and professionals demand the price of a PPT as per the number of slides, some ascertain their pricing as per the inputs, some on the number of features going to be used and some on the number of people going to be involved.

So, there isn’t any defined or prescribed costing to prepare a PPT. There are a lot of variables which can come into picture and it depends on agencies or experts individually that which of the variables or combination they take into consideration to fix the PPT-pricing.

You can counter higher charges when you hand over the work to an agency which bears years of experience in the field. You can also have to pay a little bit higher cost when you sign up an agency which boasts of having experts of different domains like when you have designers, content-writers, Photoshop-experts, colour-specialists etc., all of them at one place. PPTs, made on their cross-domain-experience and cross-platform-collaboration, more often than not are clinchers in the true sense of the term.

If you provide the content yourself, then you may find the cost a bit diminished as the cost of the content-writer gets trimmed from the final cost. But again, there is a huge difference between you as a business-entity writing the content and a professional, trained and skilled content-writer preparing it for you. The words on each slide hold the substance of the entire slide and substance on the each slide cumulatively project the crux of the presentation, so content-writing by an expert is always advisable. Secondly, if the experts make the presentation right from the root which normally is content-structuring, they work in tandem right from the beginning on the assignment and the final product becomes more compact and precise.

Similarly, if you provide the images and supporting pictures yourself, you get charged a little bit less, but if you want the agency to scour through websites to find images and pictures suitable to your offerings in the PPT, its remuneration gets to a higher side. Infusing 3D PPT-effects and 3D animations in the PPT is a skilled task and skill demands according price. Agencies and experts fittingly enhance the costing of the final product with these 3D PPT-effects and 3D animations.

Sometimes agencies or experts present an increased cost because they feel the deadline is too demanding. You ease the deadline and they ease the costing.