Rejections can result in a successful commercial saga

For most of the people rejection gives disappointment, but for some it bolsters confidence. Winners don’t take negative responses seriously; they take them to reinforce their conviction in their belief and understanding. Had they taken these rejections seriously, they would have stopped somewhere and not become the icons they became.

Colonel Hartland Sanders bore more than a thousand refusals in his heart before Kentucky Fried Chicken, popularly known as KFC, came to the fore. When he became 65-year-old, he got his first social security cheque of $99, a scanty amount by any standards. His financial conditions were not good and he was passing through almost penury and neediness. But he was not poor and weak at heart. He was an optimistic person who wanted to start his life all over again. He used to do cooking and had a different interest in it. He made a chicken-dish in his own style with his on recipe. Whoever ate his chicken-dish became enamoured with it. Sanders at his age didn’t think of anything tough and magical, he just concentrated on his special chicken-recipe and thought to make things happening out of it. He tried in Kentucky first and then travelled across other US states to put on the market his recipe. Every restaurateur and chef disliked his idea till he met his 1010th prospective client. And after an incessant 1009 refusals, this 1010th approval of the recipe changed the entire food-landscape of the world with Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC, becoming favourite of people spread across the world.

Had Sanders stopped somewhere with his dejection, the story of a phenomenal success would not be complete. Big success always comes out of failures and ensuing dejection.