The cost of an ineffective PPT hits you at many levels

As per the Microsoft-estimates, there are more than 30 million PPT Presentations made every day world-over. Of course, all of these PowerPoint Presentations don't turn out to be an impactful medium to get across the gist of messages to respective target-audiences.

The cost of a poor presentation hits you at many levels. Once you have consumed plenty of work-hours of your staff into making a PowerPoint (PPT) and the result is not intended, it carries deep bearings.

People involved in making mediocre presentations cost staggeringly high salaries to their respective organizations. Not only this, the Management People all over the world spend hours and hours in going through badly crafted presentation and waste tens of thousands of dollars each year, as their respective organizations expend high salaries for their precious work-hours to make the decision on proper information.

Loosing $24,000 per year in poorly designed presentation?

A lack in planning results in no recognizable vision of your presentation. Without a specific goal, the presentation tends to go awry at every layer. Sometimes you and your workforce have zeroed in on the desired goal, but the tools are not appropriately used and your presentation doesn't meet your purpose.

Abundance of texts or bullet points on each slide takes away the context from it. Audience gets confused and tardy in reading all of the texts and your very purpose gets lost. A presentation becomes shoddy when it contains grammatical errors.

Tough terms and expressions make the communication of the message from each PowerPoint slide tougher. While an Animation in any presentation is an effective media-tool to emphasize some features of your business and it bears a certain traction as far as the target-audience is concerned, its deliberate insertion backfires and diverts the attention of the audience.

Too many images and incoherent images on the PowerPoint slides spoil your PPT big-time. Absence of a narrative and a certain segregation of a beginning, middle and conclusion is the oft-repeated fault in a PPT. Presentations become awful because they are prepared to throw facts and statistics on the target-audience.

The cost of poor presentation not only hit hard to organisations but people who are viewing it. The current calculation of cost of poor presentation does not consider the viewers time waste or frustration while seeing the below average presentation designed in house by inexperience executives.

Carefully arranged information is striking whereas its disorderly collection is confusing in PowerPoint presentations.

The calculation of the cost of poorly designed presentation

With different ingredients to be compiled in order, there are so many stages to complete a PPT. If we take a simple assumption of average time consumed for different regular tasks in making a PPT from the scratch, a regular PPT consumes 36-38 person-hours on an average:

Task Hours
Researching/Writing/Creating the core text-content 6-7
Designing the Graphical Template & Theme + Layouts & Animations 6-7
Researching/Purchasing/Designing 10 Graphics, working with Photoshop + inserting in PPT 10
Designing/Editing 5 Tables & 3 charts of Financial Information & Analytics 6
Company-specific Charts and Process Diagrams 3
Meetings/Admin 5
TOTAL 36-38

Now imagine that you have recruited 3 of your internal staff to prepare the PPT. Working on an 8-hour schedule in the office, they work 176 hours in a month on a 5-day week basis. All of these 3 people work 528 hours collectively in a month for you in the office. Now assuming that your office needs to have at least 10 PPTs in a month, the total working hours needed for that would be 37x10= 370 (if we take 37 hours for 1 PPT for calculations). And if these presentations are ineffective, you are, in a sense, wasting nearly all the working hours or more of two of your staff every month. If all of them have an equal salary of $ 1,000, you are wasting $ 2,000 every month and $ 24,000 annually, which is a big dent in your office-centric budget & real cost of poor presentation.

Engaging, inspiring and actionable PPTs come at a cost, no doubt. But the cost must be meaningful and yield revenue for you. A professional and apt agency is the best bet…

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