Price-difference in various PPT-offerings based on resource-deployment

PPT-designing comes in multiple packages and that creates amazement and confusion in a lot of people. I had a meeting with the people of one big company last month. The company was represented by two bright senior managers who were obsessed with their company’s brand. They constantly bragged about having the highest number of branches in the country, whopping yearly turn-over, daily number of orders and many more big figures. Clearly, they were a well-known brand in the market and accordingly held high expectations of any creative effort from the other side. They were confident, clear in their approach and very well knew what was required in the PPT. But when we reached to the stage of price-finalization, they expressed the limitation of their budget for the assignment. We were not skeptical as there may be certain activities where companies do not want to spend much. They insisted on the “Student Package” which bears the lowest price among all of our packages offered on our website. I was not sure how to explain to them that the Student Package didn’t serve their purpose as the requirements of any student are entirely different from a “brand” and thus, the package is accordingly priced.  In most of the SMBs & individual requirements, Standard Packages are good where Graphic Designers work unaided and deliver presentations, but when it comes to a specific requirement like Brand Presentation, Launching Presentation & Pitching Presentation, involvement of other senior experts and resources becomes imperative and is highly recommended.  

In most of the creativity-centric companies and some of the tech-companies as well, billing is based on the number of hours consumed by varied resources to complete the activity, where they involve different resources as per the specific requirements. A Graphic Designer may not have the experience & understanding of the brand as a Creative Head. Just to extend the point, though the designing is done by the Graphic Designer only who has this expertise on designing software, yet the idea, content & flow will have to be furnished by other resources to reach the final goal or fulfill the specific requirement. The costing vis-à-vis a senior resource is almost double or at least significantly more than a Graphic Designer and thus, the cost-increment would be almost doubled if the Creative Head or a senior Graphic Designer gets involved in the process. So, even the number of slides or the duration of the presentation may remain the same, the cost of the presentation increases. All-in-all, when we decide on various packages, we add the costs of respective resources, going to be used for different assignments. Obviously, the involvement of higher resources enhances the output by some notches as far as the quality of the presentation is concerned.  

So, next time you see the cost-difference in different PPT-offerings, check out the major factor which is undoubtedly the resource-utilization.