Points to keep in mind for web designing, what to expect from website, true potential of website

What are you not thinking about your website design project?

In the crowd of small to big companies claiming beautiful website sites, high technology websites and so on so forth, I am yet to understand what exactly businesses take the website for? Why they do want their website beautiful, look costly ( yes, one of my clients actually said that), highly advance or use the best technology available? These COOL websites are not going for the award of most beautiful website or high tech website. Shouldn’t the aim of the website is to make visitor aware about company & product and to get the lead or business? Having a car or house and having a business website are two different things. People want beautiful houses or best-looking cars but not websites which may be beautiful but not informative, not business oriented.

The point is business owners do not understand the true potential of a website and they want to have it just like their visiting card which should be good looking & they can proudly write the website address on their print material. A website design is more a marketing than just a design and if use properly it can prove & justify itself. Any marketing communication & initiative must be customer oriented and it must communicate in a way that inspires viewer/visitors to take positive action. Presentations have winning edge than the website as presentations communicate very effectively through audio/visual way & it spoon feed ( charm) the viewer to take the desired action. Websites can also be used for generating leads, inspiring visitors, educate viewers & finally may prove it’s worth with business generated through it. 

Next time when you want to order for the website design or want to revamp the website, think through, clear your expectation from the website & being business owner think about ROI from this medium. Below are few points which you would like to have in your next web design project.

Points to take care for website designing

1.    Think  from customer point of view

2.    Make it educational

3.    Stress on easy navigation

4.    Use of appropriate call of the action

5.    Enrich with good content

6.    Use landing pages with your services & products

7.    Use analytics to understand the user behavior

8.    Make it responsible for business generation/lead generation

9.    Calculate & compare with other lead sources, per lead value & conversion percentage.

10.  Make it search engine friendly.

11.  Finally, think about good design & technology

So you see beautiful website & technology should be one of the parameters of website design & not the only parameter of having the website.