Mobile Apps, an efficient marketing medium

With the penetration of smartphones going deep across the country, the utility of Mobile Applications for businesses is on the rise. Different surveys suggest that on account of affordability and easier data-access from handsetsIndia will have more than 180 million Smartphones by 2019, nearly 13.5 % of the global Smartphone-markets. Our online interactions have got a simpler platform in mobile-phones. Laptops and other paraphernalia are still important to reach websites, but smartphones have gained significance to reach them in recent times.

With an easier data-access-facility on these smartphones, Mobile Apps have come up as an effective marketing medium for enterprises across the spectrum. Several top-notch and medium-level companies have floated exclusive Apps for their customers to increase the sale of their products or services. This increase is simply based and proportional to customers’ easy access to these companies. Mobile Apps have simplified the access of customers to different companies. Just on your phone, you can go through all the collection of products or services provided by the company of your choice. Just a few clicks and you get your demands fulfilled at your door-step. 

A simplified and expanded engagement between clients and companies makes these Mobile Apps an efficient marketing tool. A customer’s reach to every bit of information of his preferred company is on his phone. Push Promotions, rebates, purchase-coupons, cash-back-opportunities and final transactions, everything is conveyed and done speedily and swiftly. Nothing satisfies a customer more than a quick response and Mobile Apps just help companies do that.

Mobile Apps are getting so embedded in our daily-routine that we see the icons on our phones and identify the brands instantly. This is the best relationship a brand can have with its customers.

Apps for entertainment, such as a prank dial app.