Influencer Marketing A new trend

Word-of-Mouth is undeniably the best medium to publicize or promote something. It may not have the largest reach per individual, but the percentage of results is the maximum. If you ask one friend to buy something, with which you are satisfied, your friend will more than often buy the product. It is this efficacy of Word-of-Mouth that a new sort of marketing has come into play in the shape of Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing works on the notion that there are some individuals who possess a large number of contacts and links in friends, families and acquaintances and if they are prepared with requisite knowledge of products or services of a company, they can engage a great number of people pulling their attention to those products or services by influencing them personally. Companies hire these influencers to use their influence in their favour. You don’t hit the entire market yourself or directly, you just target it riding on some people’s influence. When you think of marketing your products or services, first of all you think of choosing some people to get you going. You get them ready and keen to utilize their connections and relationships in propagating your message, your brand’s identity and all your USPs.

These influencers use Word-of-Mouth, social media-marketing and content marketing to bring more and more prospective clients to their respective companies. They use different social media-channels to carry the content to these prospective clients. They make presentations of varied kinds after developing the needed understanding of the companies they present. In many cases, companies themselves make presentations and hand out to influencers to advertise their products or services.

Influencer marketing is an impactful way to garner attention and interest of prospective clients. In fact, when influencers have this interaction with their contacts vis-à-vis their respective companies and products or services, these people don’t hesitate to put across their views and expectations thanks to the proximity they have with them. And these inputs make this medium all the more impactful.