Homework cut into 9 pieces for a spoken presentation

A fascinating and appropriate presentation elevates the entire content to a level where the involvement of audience becomes a certain fact. But this presentation needs a solid groundwork and preparation. Elements of groundwork can be defined in pieces:

  1. The prime part of your preparation is the deep belief you bear in the value of your core message. This belief gets transformed into conviction when you present the topic before the audiences.
  2. The confidence you carry into and develop for the presentation is the other part of your homework for the verbal communication.
  3. Make an arrangement of different contents of your presentation so that you present everything in a proper order and the audiences understand the substance easily. You can memorize the order by practice or have it written with you to manoeuvre the presentation.
  4. You must go through the material many times before presenting it before the audiences. Even a short stumble or stutter can ruin your entire presentation.
  5. After grasping the presentation-material, prepare some questions which can spring up in the minds of audiences during the presentation. Keep referring to those questions and apt answers subtly and more often than not, audiences will be involved.
  6. Structure your presentation in a way that you just have to take the support of different complementary visuals, you don’t have to rely on them completely.
  7. Rehearsals with different visuals will make a world of good for you for the final presentation. Getting stuck at any point gives out a bad impression.
  8. Make a complete list of queries that audiences can have after your presentation! Prepare respective answers beforehand to appear fluent!
  9. Beginning of the presentation and its crucial points must be learnt by rote to make the presentation perfectly smooth and effortless.

Homework before a presentation is not only going through the written material repeatedly, it encompasses a wider meaning of groundwork, taking care of different aspects.