Goals are for you and the quality is for your clients

Target is a keyword in corporate-corridors. Everyone is scrambling to achieve targets. In fact, career-advancements or promotions are decided on the extent of target-accomplishments. But there is one more word which makes rounds there is Quality. You have got to achieve target and you can’t even in your remotest thoughts compromise on quality of your products or services.

A target is a target for employees and this target transforms into goals when you are an entrepreneur yourself. You set goals for your company and try to get your employees blend their individual goals with the company’s goals. But upholding the top-tier-quality of your products or services is another facet which is embedded at the core of your organization. So summarily, ensuring the best quality and achieving goals, one after another, go hand-in-hand. When you’re a client-centric organization, you need to understand that the goals are for you and the quality in products or services is for your clients. Your client-centricity doesn’t get reflected in how often you achieve your goals or to what extent you achieve them, it simply gets reflected in the satisfaction-level of your clients. And this satisfaction definitely comes on the base of the quality they receive in your products or services.

In fact, when your clients are satisfied with the quality of your products or services, your business automatically increases, the growing list of your clients and the expansion of your business become the real outcomes which more than often define your goals, may be in a stipulated time-period. In this age of aggressive sales-&-marketing, establishing a balance between the quality for clients and goals for you and your company is the essential requirement to run a business. Diminishing the level of quality may give you an ephemeral gain in terms of increased supply of products or services to clients with slightly increased revenue, but in doing so you may lose to provide your clients with the scale of satisfaction and the customer-experience that would retain them in your fold.