FedEx has carved its way to top

Success of a business has many variables. When all its components fall in place, then only you can expect positive results. But businesses never get established in jiffy, it takes years to get to the top. When you go through the stories of successful businessmen, you get to know so many intriguing aspects which made them what they became.

Fred Smith’s catapult to higher echelons with his company Federal Express is an outcome of a series of events, marked with ups and downs. Being an undergraduate at the Yale University in the year 1965, he researched on the transportation of goods in the United States as a part of his regular curriculum. Transportation of most of the heavy goods or big stuff took place by trucks or passenger airplanes. Fred came up with his inputs on a novel transportation-mechanism. He presented that it would be effective to ferry small, indispensable items by planes. His idea was not much appreciated then. But he never felt dejected and went on to launch his company, namely Federal Express in 1971 on the very concept. As the luck would have it, the company didn’t fetch expected results and after 3 years of the launch, it was nearing only insolvency. Fred tried different things to garner the funding and bring the company on the track. He failed at every attempt. Most of us would have lost the fight with the life and its twists and turns. But Fred continued the struggle and never gave up. He even went to Las Vegas and played Black Jack to win some money which injected a few days’ life in the company’s operations. And then came another twist in the tale, he got some good funding in a chunk from somewhere. And then the rest is the story well-known.

Today FedEx is an international name with a robust presence across the world and with immense revenue-earnings.