Every start-up has an intriguing narrative

As Rikant was studying in Kurukshetra University, he was working as well, but without informing his father about his simultaneous job. Soon after, he also started up Duke Travels up in arms with his brother Nishant, a co-founder of EaseMyTrip. Rikant started aggressive marketing right at the inception and transported his offering on bulk SMS-mode. Bulk SMS-mode is a volume-based method and more than often, hit some prospective targets in a way that they respond at least. But Rikant hit the conversion-rate pretty nice with it, the rate of conversion was good enough as nearly 20 prospective target-people used to call back to know the deal after the bulk SMS-discharge. Soon he started knocking customers from across India.
As the company progressed, Duke Travels rebranded to EaseMyTrip. Reasonable pricing was always the company’s forte. Even the father came to know about his effort and became happy. With the father’s pat, he started spreading out and partnered with Air Deccan on some agreements. He also established an arrangement with travel-agents and started generating huge sales. Due to some management-policies, Air Deccan nose-dived in sales. But an unwavering attitude and a little tinkering in policies pulled them back. Rikant was instrumental.

At present, EaseMyTrip has over 275 employees working for it and enjoys a network of over 30000 travel-agents.  Having a domineering client-list of over 800 companies and almost 15-20000 new site-visitors daily, its current revenue is in the top echelons and increasing.