Emotions must lie in heart of your presentation

People are busier these days than ever. Our attention-span is shrinking faster than we can imagine. Therefore, presentations have to be made thinking all these pros and cons.

When you are ready to show your presentation to your prospective clients, you must know their minds are occupied with recent emails, facebook uploads, what’s app –interactions and different daily routine-demands. We have become mechanized with paucity of time for everything.  Now, even if you have started your presentation on a high note, you may find your target-audience fiddling with their mobile phones. At one side, mind’s pre-occupation and secondly, diminishing attention-span, you should not expect them to remember all those intricate facts, charts and graphs that figured in your presentation. If they don’t understand and remember the details of your business, how can you expect them to make a call-to-action!

So instead of long and heavy-worded sentences, the presentation must comprise short and effective sentences. Instead of complex facts, figures and statistical diagrams, the presentation must be prepared on simple and straight facts. Easily comprehensible information works wonders for your business. And this easily comprehensible information can be smoothly prepared in a storyline. We know for the fact that a story always triggers some kind of curiosity in the audience and even occupied minds can absorb stories without a glitch. Moreover, stories establish an emotional connect also which augurs well for your business.

At the end of the day, you want your prospective clients to take an action against your call and for a specific action, nothing motivates more than simple human emotions. So, emotions must make the bedrock of your presentation.