Digital Marketing scores over Traditional Marketing in 7 ways

This is now a Digital World. We are witnessing a Digital Revolution. Ever since the internet came into our lives and got ingrained into our daily routine, our penchant and drive to use digital marketing have grown exponentially at every level of our societal structure. Though internet-penetration has still to cover so many areas in India, yet a good percentage of people have started using it in their day-to-day work. People have not given up traditional marketing, but are fast rushing towards the digital one. There are some comparisons between the two modes: 

  1. Digital marketing is entirely based on the internet and thus, saves you a lot of money doing marketing as compared to other traditional ways of marketing and promotions. 
  2. Digital marketing doesn’t need different marketing paraphernalia and involvement of people at different levels, as in the traditional marketing, so, every bit of its implementation is easier and faster.  
  3. Digital marketing creates a chain in no time as far as communication is concerned. You come with some offer of your business and it is shared by your own clients in jiffy at different platforms without you doing much. And you can concentrate on other aspects of your business more easily. 
  4.  Digital marketing tools and techniques can be tagged along with other digital initiatives giving you and your business a larger reach and an extended mass of prospective clients. 
  5. As the cost of traditional marketing campaigns is much bigger, they are planned for smaller periods or sporadically. But lower on cost, digital marketing of any specific product, service or business on the whole, can be planned and done for an elongated period of time. 
  6. Cost-factor of digital marketing also comes into picture, when you get to know that your plan is not working expectedly, you just pull out of the campaign or you alter your campaign without incurring any appreciable cost. But it’s not that easy in the traditional marketing. 
  1. As it is planned for bigger time-length, digital marketing enjoys more opportunities and probabilities to hit your prospective clients. 

Digital marketing is in-thing no doubt, but traditional marketing has served us so long and bears its own charm and utilities. Till we become internet-nation in the true sense, traditional marketing will be in practice for sure.