Different kinds of anxieties in business

 Fear of not achieving success is a big roadblock for humans in any sphere of work. We are highly scared of our failures by nature. The apprehension of countering imperfection does not allow us to do things as freely as we could have done.

When we embark on a journey to do business, many kinds of fear abound. Our innate entrepreneurial skills and spirit get bogged down under the heap of these fears. Taking incorrect steps along the journey is the biggest of frights. What if my products or services don’t get me to Break Even, what if my products or services turn out to be flawed, what if I recruit inefficient staff and so on. Then next comes, the anxiety to lose against the competitors in the market. We are always scared of losing it to our rivals in the market. Somewhere along the journey after a few hiccups, we think that we are not made for this business, we don’t have ample understanding to run it and simultaneously, we get scared of taking any risk to stamp authority in the related market whereas we know that huge decisions in business are always fraught with risks.

When edginess about making mistakes envelops us from every corner, we hesitate to take required responsibilities which consequently hamper the growth of our business. Short on confidence, we start taking erroneous steps consciously and in a short period of time all hells break loose. We are also conscious that families and acquaintances must be following our progress and with our failures one after another, we would go down in their eyes. And finally, losing esteem in one’s own eyes becomes disastrous.

Business is replete with rise and fall. Fear of fall should be there, but it should be there to keep you aware of every situation and attentive to every move. Summarily, in business, fear of taking incorrect decisions must keep you away from taking them, as possible as it may be.