Creative depth adds dimensions to a Pitching Presentation

Investors want to be sure about the scalability of your business, your prospective business-partners look for the solidity of your concept and customers would like to be absolutely convinced about the quality of your products or services before buying them. A Pitching Presentation has to be enlightening with different facts for your target-audiences and simultaneously it has to be absorbing to the core with all the creative nuances to attain and sustain their interest all through.

Apart from the top-notch word-content and suggesting pictures and graphical presentations, the slides of your Pitching Presentation must have a definite creative traction in arrangement of these contents.

Type of the font, size of the font, colour of the text, colour of the background, contrast of colours etc. make a great impact in combination. While an easy legibility of the word-content is a thumb-rule, you must be always ready to reduce the size of the font on the slide which bears a bit bigger textual stuff or contains an imposing image. Titles must be in bigger font-sizes than the general word-content.

Selection of the font-Type is another area which demands creative imagination. The font of the words must match to or relate to the concept of business. A business dealing in fashion or related fields must be presented in an arty font-type. A business dealing in manufacturing or aviation sector can be presented in an innovative font. The colour of the background and the colour of the content or images must be in sharp contrast to each other to facilitate easy viewing. The choice of the background must be created with the opening slide in the mind where your company’s logo is being depicted; a striking background against the look of the logo here creates the impression of the entire presentation in the minds of the target-audiences. 

Animation can definitely enhance the overall visual effect of a Pitching Presentation as in any PPT, but you certainly should stay away from using it in a deliberate manner. The animation portraying important information has to be totally amalgamated with different contents on other slides. Animations augur well in a Pitching Presentation when they are short and easily graspable.

Above all, an eye-catching evenness in a Pitching Presentation in terms of integration of all the ingredients, even the smaller ones, on the perspective of the core message makes it all the more meaningful and impactful.