Build your presentation on 7 reactions

When a presentation shapes into a stimulating and disturbing idea or thought for your prospective clients, then there is a strong possibility that they would be motivated to take action to get on board with you. But to take them to a decision-making stage, you will have to steer them through a plethora of internal churns. So craft your presentation in a way to trigger those churns in your potential clients and place the respective facts to calm down those churns seamlessly.

  1. Shock: Bring to the fore some information audience doesn’t know.
  2. Worries: Highlight the specific difficulty and intricacy your product, service or initiative is going to solve.
  3. Interest: Now they must be interested to know the answer of the problem.
  4. Help: Your offering has the answer to the problem. You must present details of your product, service or initiative here in a succinct manner.
  5. Reliance: Place your business-details or company-profile in a way that builds belief in audience for you and your offering.
  6. Uniqueness: You must present here why and how your offerings are different from the rest in the market!
  7. Conversion: Call to Action is must to convey to them as by this stage, they must be keen to take action as planned by you. What to do and how to do to join you, must be conveyed to them here in a clear language and approach.

You can’t predict the response of human beings exactly, but studies have revealed that if during a presentation, a potential customer goes through these reactions, more often than not, you are going to crack the deal. Obviously, sequence is not important, but if you prepare your presentation by placing the facts in order to get reactions from potential clients in this sequence, your presentation is going to be successful.