Appropriate attire for a presenter

The dress of a person is indicative of his personality. The dress worn by him also indicates the occasion. Clothing or attire can be façade, but reveals the person and the event. Sometimes an appropriate dress changes the whole persona of a person. Oral presentations are a special event and that’s why, dress-code has to be there.    

When you wear a specific dress representing a company, you represent that company through your dress first. Your dress projects the professional image of your company. And before you start speaking on its behalf, the dress will have made a deep impression on the audience.  

Wearing a specific dress on behalf of the company also shows your connectedness to the company. So, before you start as a speaker, your dress will have established your commitment to the company and this commitment of the presenter makes a deep impact on the audience. Now, the imminent presentation holds a greater significance. 

Business suit in combination with a collar-shirt and a necktie or a neat sport coat with matching pants and a necktie is normal for male presenters, while female presenters can wear business suit with blouse, business pant-suit with blouse or  
Skirt or dress slacks with blouse or sweater or business dress. Shoes for both, males and females must match the dress. You definitely must avoid any noticeable jewelry, T-shirts or athletic wear. Your dress must be neat and ironed out. All-in-all, you must look orderly for an official presentation. 

A presenter speaks so many things on behalf of a company, but the fact is that his attire for the occasion speaks a lot, much before he starts speaking.