Appreciation-events motivate your employees

Humans have this intrinsic yearning for recognition. Recognition boosts anyone to achieve greater things in life and profession. That’s why it’s very necessary to have a mechanism in place at your organization where appreciation for good work is ingrained in its culture. A certificate, a memento, raise in salary or promotions can do wonders for your co-workers’ morale.

Appreciation increases confidence of your employees and re-instills the drive in him for his work and goals. And all of this results in higher productivity for the organization. Just a sheer feeling that his work or inputs are being recognized by his peers or seniors, your employee starts putting in larger body of work for the organization.

Apart from a daily monitoring, which can be delegated to others also, you can have a schedule of get-togethers in your office. Appreciation in these events attracts everyone as there is always a thrill in the air in these events. Your employees put in extra effort to get all the kinds of recognition which are in line with your office-culture. You can accumulate complaints, shortcomings, feedbacks and suggestions for every level of work at these events, but recognition takes precedence. Every employee at your office is excited with the coming admiration.

Apart from imparting recognition and boosting your employees, you can also use these events to inculcate cohesion in your staff-members. An appreciated employee is always excited to divulge his success-details and others get this opportunity at these events to interact with him to get some useful tips. So bonding, cross-platform-collaboration and give-and-take of success-secrets, all can happen at these appreciation-events at your place.

Additionally, these occasions give your employees a chance to unwind from the robotic time-table and hectic work-routine so that they can come to the work the next day more keyed up and motivated. Regular appreciation-occasions must be a part of your office-culture.