An entrepreneur has to find responsibilities in his aspirations

Entrepreneurs are humans, but they are so impassioned about their dreams that they want to grasp them at one go, whereas entrepreneurship is a gradual process. An entrepreneur has got to interweave his ambitions with the blazing zeal that he has and with perseverance simultaneously. He has got to be prepared mentally to give up so many other regular habits, comfort and luxuries to transform his ambition into accomplishment.

If you have to achieve big, you will have to relinquish some. Rooted in this view and vision only, one can become an entrepreneur in the true sense of the term. An entrepreneur has to explore responsibilities in his aspirations and those responsibilities only keep him trying, experimenting and innovating in the long run. He always finds ways to extract goal-centric efforts from the responsibilities. Family, friends, get-together, enjoyment, weariness, exasperation, all of them take a back seat. 

Time as investment and relentlessness as character are crucial here in aspiring for entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur has to be absorbed completely in the daily evolution of his business. He is going to face tough times, but then he has to remain tough. He will have to act beyond frustration and anger. Not every member of his staff will be supremely efficient, he will have to bear all of them. Not every plan of his is going to be implemented utterly and successfully, he will have to take failures in his strides. Not every product or service provided by his company will be hit in the market, he will have to keep innovating. Summarily, an entrepreneur has to relinquish a narrow view of things and events.

When as an entrepreneur you erect your thoughts and plans on long-term-perspective and goal-centric responsibilities, you are away from shortsightedness and then, the daily evolution of your business will be reflected in results and profits. No failure will be end of the world for you. Responsibilities embedded in aspirations keep you going and fetching goals, one after another.