A start-up is a result of a series of events

Though start-up ecosystem these days is getting conducive in our country, yet places like Aurangabad in Maharashtra are still far from being in mainstream. Where and when Sachin Kate lived in Aurangabad, proper schooling did not exist there. He had to leave the area to a place where he attended school properly. Sustenance was always an issue and just a resolve to continue with the school and studies forced Sachin to sell newspapers initially. Later on, he became an office attendant at a computer institute to meet the ends.

Ingrained talent and firmness to progress took him to computers. He learned fast and grabbed the job of a computer instructor pretty soon. Then studying BSc in computers, he landed a part-time job in a travel agency. Working with this travel agency, he learned the ropes of the travel-business and thanks to an easier access to computers, he enhanced his skills in the IT-arena. He went on to develop more than 600 websites for the travel and hotel-people. He was having a team now working for him which became the backdrop for new start-ups, InfoGird and NetMantle. But that was not all. Sachin identified incisively the demands of the travel and hospitality-industry. He found that the last-mile-connectivity which is generally road-connectivity never got importance in the mindset across the travel-sector. The issue knocked him incessantly and finally, he launched Clear Car Rental in July, 2010.

Rest is the story. In a nut-shell, a start-up is not an instant start; it normally bears a set of build-up events.