A shadow of story in business-details augurs well for your PPT

A story goes through different stages. Every stage generates emotions. The greater the emotional connect, the better the involvement! And involvement extracts business. In a nut-shell, if it suits to your imagination, a suggestion to a storyline in a PPT carves space in audiences’ minds and hearts definitely.

You want to present a number of facts in your PPT. If you place the facts of your idea, concept or project in line with a specific story’s ebb and flow, they get systematic and impactful. The details of the PPT have a certain rhythm in their track and take the audiences on a journey of different facts, data and figures. Secondly, the element of the story saves the PPT from being a dull and boring presentation of various facts.

Our brain grasps stories faster and for longer period than a mere set of dry facts and figures.  We relate to stories and remember them abidingly. Childhood-stories are still in our hearts and that goes to show that we are more inclined to receive stories than different facts in bits and pieces. And thus, your story or suggestion of a story will help your audiences to remember your company, products or services in a seamless manner.

But your story must merge with the facts of your PPT effortlessly. A conspicuously different story would make matters worse. The story may not match at every stage, but a final coherence is must at the end to uplift the contents of the presentation. Every company has a beginning; it has different sets of people in management, different sets of products or services, different narratives of business-revenues or unique series of events. All of these facts are unique for a company and can be woven in unique stories. Obviously, they would not be typical stories, but an allusion of stories.

  But bear in mind, a PPT is not a Flash-based presentation. The story in a PPT has to be indicative and in terms of problems and solutions. You need not present an apparent story in your details. And even the hint of the story must not be overwhelming on the facts of your business. After all, you have got to extract business through your PPT.