A sarcasm and Lamborghini was born

A small idea bears a big capacity inside. A man perceives or visualizes many ideas in his life-time, not all of them click, but if any of them does, it turns into a huge business or great accomplishment in some other arena. The key does not lie in one specific idea getting clicked, but it lies in embarking on an idea to make it a success.

Ferrucio was a typical businessman in Italy whose company manufactured tractors. His tractors were hit in the country, especially among the farmers. He enjoyed thriving national market apart from a good global reach. Ferrucio’s commercial success was almost a dream come true. Opulence enabled him to have luxuries of every variety. He had a fleet of fantastic cars in his garage.  Ferrari was one of them. He was not at all happy with the Ferrari as it always broke down. Ferrucio was himself aware of ins-and-outs of a car; he tried his hands to correct the defect every time the Ferrari broke. Finally he discovered that the car had the same clutch as fixed in one of his tractors. Even the professional mechanics who used to fix the clutch repeatedly could not give a final solution. Ferrucio made up his mind to talk to Enzo Ferrari. And when he met him, he was not satisfied with the answer. Additionally, Ferrari conveyed to him sarcastically that he should think of tractors, not driving Ferrari. And this was the moment when Ferrucio got firm to make an ideal car which he named Lamborghini. A new car was born in the idea.

Great people don’t hesitate to experiment, they just embark on their idea without being intimidated by the sheer thought of failures.