A powerful PPT has 11 defined properties

An excellent and effective PPT becomes a sum of so many well-placed and well-crafted elements. Some of them can be outlined: 

  1. Brevity is the soul of any presentation and so it is for a PPT as well. An effective PPT normally doesn’t contain more than 15-20 slides.
  2. Keeping in line with the conciseness, each slide of the PPT contains the number of words which is sufficient enough to highlight the overall meaning of the slide. 
  3. Textual content is generally free from ambiguous slangs. 
  4. Textual content does not carry any grammatical or spelling error whatsoever.
  5. A good PPT’s textual content is written in a proper manner in the small letters and block letters are used as and when required in line with the language-regulations.
  6. Font-selection for the textual content is well-thought, easy-to-read and steady throughout the PPT. Size of the font also depends on legibility.
  7. Colour-treatment is done judiciously. The colour of the backdrop and the colour of texts are interdependent in a light-dark-combination in an excellent PPT.
  8. As far as possible, images in the backdrop are avoided.
  9. Bullet-point-texts or dark-coloured texts are not further underlined to accentuate the fact.
  10. An effective PPT always has this amazing synchronization between the textual content and images or videos, if so any. They support each other to magnify the meaning.
  11. Use of videos and animations unquestionably enhances the impact of a PPT, but just to use them, they should not be used. An efficacious PPT either doesn’t have them or if it does, the videos and animations are well-woven into the content.  

An efficient and successful PPT is not a random collection of some features, but is loaded with these properties on the base of creativity. Our blogs namely, PPT: 6 Tips to prepare and 6 ways to ruin your PPT must be read to create a powerful PPT.