A matching corporate wear reflects commitment to organization & work

There is an old saying, ‘Dress the way you want to be addressed’, how apt it is! We must dress in sync with ambience, occasion or the culture of the place where we reside, visit or work.  Your corporate wear also must match to your work-place’s culture, ethos and ambience.

Your corporate wear reflects your commitment to your organization and its philosophy. This shows that you not only abide by and believe in the rules and regulations of your company, but also bears a strong connect with its culture. And as a leader of the pack, if you set the trend, you would expect others to follow suit.

An appropriate dressing sense always helps you capture the attention of people working with you. You make your mark instantaneously. A matching corporate dress keeps you in the positive frame of mind all through and represents your deep sensibilities about your work-ethics also. Appearances hardly have any relation with the efficiency and capacity at work. But appearances, especially through the wear, relate to the integrity you have for your organization and work.

Avoid wearing dresses of deep colours at work! Casuals, heavy and visible jewellery, noticeable chains, attention-disturbing bracelets etc. must not be worn at office or work-place. Make sure you are comfortable in your clothes!

In a nut-shell, your official wear must release positive vibes. A perfect formal wear certainly creates lasting impression for you in corporate-corridors.