A certain framework of PPT makes it effective

PPTs make effective business-presentations if every integral ingredient is fitted in apt amount and at right places. You can present them verbally before your target-audience or mail them to different destinations. To put every integral ingredient with exactness in a PPT, you need to have a proper framework in your imagination before starting to make it.

You must bear a clear-cut purpose of the presentation in your mind. This main purpose has to be broken in parts and conveyed to your target-audience on the base of the creativity. The strength of your creativity gets reflected in the framework of the impending PPT. In one or two of the first few slides only, you have to convey that what is the real action you want your audience to do, what is the real aspect you want the audience to understand or what is the real message you want the audience to grab from the PPT.

Once you have gulped the crux and presented it at the inception, you would now have to decide the entire course and direction of the presentation that you want to take your audience through. And this entire course has to be made easy and simple by you by infusing visuals and textual content in a perfect combination and apt amount. How the minimum of textual contents and visuals would enhance the total impact of the presentation depends on your creativity.

And this creativity becomes powerful when you already have a certain framework of the PPT, aligned with the main message of the presentation.