8 tips to craft compact textual content in a Pitching Presentation

Words in any presentation form its foundation. Simple PPTs, Flash-based Presentations, verbal presentations or Pitching Presentations, all of them are structured uniquely owing to different forms of word-compilation. Though there is no written rule to arrange words differently for different presentation-types, yet constant evolution guides us to have textual content aligned with some conventional basics in a Pitching Presentation. Some basic points can be understood while preparing the content for a Pitching Presentation:

  1. Right from the beginning, the heart of the presentation or the main goal of the presentation has to be kept in mind. Every sentence must be formed as per the basic and generic interest of the specific target-audience.
  2. Different contents on different slides must go well together.  Presentation of facts must have regularity. Stay away from unsystematic detailing!
  3. Choice of words has to be in line with the general intellect of the prospective target-audience. For investors, you must write easily understandable and simple words, but in the presentation prepared for business-partners, you may write a bit flowery to match the flow of the over-all content.
  4. Slides carrying significant data, figures or different statistical charts or diagrams must bear the simplest of words.
  5. Slides carrying main message or the core business-plan must have simple but emphatic sentence-formations which highlight the crux automatically.
  6. If you have given the content a story-line, your story must be erected on your target-audiences’ requirements with proper sentence-formations on each slide.
  7. Abbreviations must be ignored as much as possible.
  8. Grammatical faults can mar the purpose of any presentation suddenly; you must stay away from them and check your content from every grammatical angle before proceeding to the designing and other processes!

A Pitching Presentation has to attract target-audiences at every level. Sometimes they are prospective investors who may put money on your concept, sometimes they are co-founders who have to believe in you or sometimes they are customers who will spend money to buy your products or services, irrespective of their kind, you have to involve your target-audience totally and textual matter plays a pivotal part in it.