7 certain things to ruin your presentation

There are ways to ensure the success of presentations and there are ways to spoil your effort. If you don’t stay away from these 7 elements at the time of making the presentation, you are bound to fail to accomplish your objective through its impact because there will be no impact.

1. An excuse or explanation for faltering: If by any chance, your presentation falters at the beginning or at some stage due to some technical glitches or inadequacy in arrangement of the event, either you should ignore them by not asking for apologies or you should not let them happen in the first place. If you present excuses, an unconstructive tendency gets settled because you exhibit and admit your failure in the preparation.

2. Repeated staging: If you feel that even after the conclusion of the presentation, your real message was not communicated to audiences, you don’t ask them for a repeat viewing. If you do, you are asking for trouble as repeated viewings would not convince them a bit for sure.

3Lengthy presentation: Presentations must be short enough to fit in the attention-span of a normal human being. If it is long-winded, it would generally not fit in the slotted time at many places and that leaves a bad impact.

4. Hastening presentation: If you have had a lengthy discussion with your clients before the start of the presentation itself, don’t hasten or fast-forward the presentation-material feeling that more time would irritate them. If you do that, you are jeopardizing your effort by not showing them every detail in a clear manner. Less understanding on clients’ part would certainly lessen your chances of bringing them on board.

5. Admitting a lesser creation: If you feel that your audiences have not liked your presentation or on the way you yourself realize that something was amiss, don’t admit it, otherwise you would eliminate every chance of yours to make a cut.

6. Conspicuous navigation through presentation: It is believed that your idea, concept or the offer has been rightly placed in the presentation to catch the attention of your clients. If you start steering them or reading the texts from the presentation, that will certainly deflect their concentration which defeats your purpose. You must only play a supplementary role to get them acquainted with every minute detailing.

7. Evident edginess:  Being uneasy never works, especially when it becomes evident. A calm, cool and collected demeanour always shows your confidence and conviction in your product. If you yourself will show the nervousness, the audiences would feel that you are not confident of your presentation and that will diminish your chances of getting them on board with you big-time.

When you are collecting varied pieces to construct them into an effective presentation, you must bear these 7 points in your mind which can lead to disaster as far as results are concerned.