6 Tips in signing up a designer for your presentation

A business-alliance needs scrupulous planning. Even striking a deal with a designer to have him on board for the designing in your presentation requires elaborate clarification on different issues.

  1. Evaluation of previous assignments: Judging someone’s work becomes easier when you assess him on his previous body of work. You must go through his designing assignments to have a hint of his talent and insights. If possible, ask him to showcase his skills on a very small part of your theme without any charges. If that happens, that will be the real assessment of his craft.
    2. Costing: Bear in mind that quality does not always come on exorbitant prices. But yes, quality sells and comes on a certain cost as well. So do not compromise on quality due to a cost which is a bit higher than you expected. So, an excellent designer with a higher cost augurs well for you.
  1. Commitment to time: After elaborating the extent of details in your presentation, obtain a time-commitment from the designer you have selected.
  2. Clarity on terms and conditions: Terms and conditions, like how will he deal with the changes suggested by you in the designing or your dissatisfaction with the final product, must be clear before he and you have a business-association. Extra charges, the number of the free of cost-changes or what if overhaul on a large basis needed, everything should be decided before hiring him officially.
  3. Review of earlier clients: Having a look at the earlier clients of the designer gives you an idea of his standing in the market which always builds on the work.
  4. Editable format: Convey to the designer that you need the final output in an editable format so that you keep a window open for the changes you might need in the future for your presentation.
       There may be a number of other points which come to the fore during the journey of the business-relations. But, to strike a deal with a designer for your presentation, you must bear these 6 points in your mind.