6 things must be avoided in a Pitching Presentation

A Pitching Presentation must have a rhythm in the presentation of facts and figures. Coherence in depiction of details facilitates swift absorption of the whole story. Your Pitching Presentation must have a specific alignment in building the curiosity-quotient vis-à-vis your business.

While it is very pertinent to embed all the essential requirements of a Pitching Presentation, it is also equally necessary simultaneously to bear in mind what not to have in it. There are few things to be avoided here:

  1. Too much of highlighting: Highlighting too many facts or figures on each slide may mar your purpose. Few points highlighted draw the attention, many points highlighted deflect the attention. Bullet Points are a customary pattern to underscore prominent aspects of business in a Pitching Presentation, but overdoing it may undo your entire preparation-effort.
  2. Stretched out presentation: 10-15 slides augur well for any Pitching Presentation, but the more you stretch it, the more the chances your target-audiences would squirm during the presentation. Your target-audiences more likely would comprise potential investors, potential co-founders, prospective customers or business-partners, all of them would like to see or know instantly what is there in it for them. The longer you take to reveal their advantages, the harder you make it for yourself. A Pitching Presentation must be precise, concise and compact.
  3. Use of heavy words:  If your audience has to look for dictionary to know some words written on slides, you are in for bad results. Easy, simple and flowing text descends on their hearts and minds smoothly and quickly and that is what you want.
  4. Disproportion in textual matter and supporting images: Too much of word-content in itself is something which should be avoided and secondly, all of this word-content on each slide must be ably supported by adjacent images. Less content is acceptable, but disproportionately fewer pictures are not.
  5. A palpable deficiency of understanding of the core subject: After you hire an agency to prepare the Pitching Presentation for you, you must ensure that its team-members have developed totally the required understanding of the crux of the plan or overall business. This understanding must be felt and seen through the presentation to the audience-members. A complete understanding of the project reflects through the presentation and carves a deep impression on them.
  6. Inapt font-size: Always use a font in which words become legible from even a fair distance! Smaller fonts to accommodate different creativity-churnings take you nowhere. Always communicate with your agency to know their plans and vision in preparing the Pitching Presentation for you!

       If you avoid these finer points in your Pitching Presentation and have the in-depth knowledge regarding what are the essentials to be embedded surely, you extract a good work from your hired agency which makes your business work with the investors or other audiences.