6 simple nuances of image-placing in a Pitching Presentation

Images or pictures bring an evocative element to a Pitching Presentation. We humans are genetically programmed to accept and grasp pictures more easily. So, communication in any form ably supported by images or pictures gets more emphatic and effective. And that is what stands for a Pitching Presentation as well.

Some simple nuances of placing these pictures in a Pitching Presentation have to be inculcated properly to make it even more impactful:

  1. Images and textual content on a slide of the presentation must be crafted in tandem with each other. Images have to be suggestive in line with the words written on the slide. They must be complimentary in nature to each other. And that’s why, an apt image may need few words of yours to describe the message on a slide.
  2. Size of the images should be chosen as per the size of the slides. Symmetry must exist but you have to ensure that the size of the images must be large enough to draw the mind of your target-audience.
  3. When you know your would-be target-audience, you can choose images cautiously to fit their specific liking or imagination. Like for investors, images depicting glory, ascent or rags-to-riches kind of story can do wonders sub-consciously.
  4. Images should not be imposing or too big to overwhelm the word-content written on the slide.
  5. You should not always restrict yourself to depict only one image on a slide. In fact, sometimes 2 or 3 images in combination on one slide carry the core message of the presentation more effectively. Products or services, business-model, market-size, competition and growth can be shown in more than one images or charts and diagrams on every slide dedicated to them.
  6. Images or pictures have to be selected so subtly in a Pitching Presentation that they help your target-audiences remember the textual content written alongside them. And if that happens, you will have achieved your purpose more often than not.

     At the end of the day, a Pitching Presentation also bears the same objective what the other presentations do, generating interest in target-audiences. But a subtle change in the style of the presentation of textual content and image-depiction gives it the fine-tuning it needs for your purpose and aim.