6 integral facets of a Pitching Presentation

A Pitching Presentation, which you generally prepare for your prospective investors, customers, co-founders or business-partners, may be a minutely detailed portrayal of your business and its finer aspects, but it has to be concise and compact for sure for better results in terms of its impact-value. Empowered with some fundamental facets, it can make an indelible impression on the minds and hearts of target-audiences:

  1. Involve audience with a story-line: Movies, dramas or real life, a story makes a deep impact and carves enduring memory in us. Your presentation must have an underlying story-line which catches the attention of target-audience right at the start and retains it till the last. An elongated attention creates more possibilities for you that your investors and others would understand your project with every detail.
  2. Don’t stuff slides with excessive information: Excessive information on slides turns them into a clutter. A human mind works better when he keeps digesting information, one-by-one. Information-overdose has every chance to confuse him and that’s where your presentation falls flat.
  3. Make a great start: First impression is the last impression; this adage fits properly for your Pitching Presentation. When you involve someone at the start, there is every chance that his involvement would be sustained as an absorbing start almost ensures his curiosity for the entire presentation. Pitching Presentation fetches your purpose when the target-audiences’ engagement remains intact all through and an interesting start just does that.  
  4. Highlight achievements of every team-member: Prospective investors or customers always carry this feeling that your business is as good as your team. When they get to know achievements of your team-members in different domains, they develop a confidence in your endeavour. 
  5. No distraction: Creativity is alright, but it must not overlap the crux of your main message. Size and font of words, colours, background, images etc. must be in sync with each other and contain a fair bit of consistency in their depiction. 
  6. A conspicuous understanding of business-arena: The presentation in its entirety must reflect the depth of your understanding of the business-arena you’ve chosen. This palpable understanding emanating from the presentation builds confidence in investors for you and your initiative.

        A Pitching Presentation is brief communication-mode but may have huge impact on target-audiences if constructed precisely bearing in mind these finer aspects.