6 Advisable fonts for your presentation-text

A presentation is a combination of so many aspects and features. They all become congruent to make it successful. The font for the texts in a PPT or any presentation carries the entire mood and sense of the real core of the presentation. Words sculpted in a specific font must match the final message of your presentation. A good look on the slides of a PPT and you know the type of message it would carry finally. This is the magic of a font. We can settle for a number of fonts, but 6 of them can be considered suitable for different presentations.

1. Calibri is a Sans-Serif font with an easy legibility of letters. Since it has been the default font in all the versions of Ms-Office & Word for a longer period now, it is the most frequently used font for a PPT as well. Thanks to its familiarity, people have started not to use in their PPTs to make them a bit different.

2. Cambria is a Serif font used for both, titles and normal textual material. A fun detail about Cambria – it has a square full stop and not a round full stop. With its slanting and upright serifs, Cambria is employed to infuse power and emphasis to the textual matter.

3. Candara is a Sans-Serif font with a conspicuously rounded shape. The wavy figure of this font renders a completely different character to letters which you can choose for a specific feel of your presentation.

4. Consolas, having the same horizontal space for every letter, comes into play when you have to show symbols, statistical or numerical facts in your presentation.

5. Corbel is a unique Sans-Serif font which has numbers in it as lower-case numerals. You can use it for the texts in your presentation as per your liking and need.

6. Constantia is a Serif font with numbers as lower-case numerals, like in Corbel font. With roughly triangular extensions to its letters, Constantia is a safe and good font to use to fit in the texts of your PPT.

Fonts are many and varied. And therefore, their selection for the texts in a presentation requires a good thought. The selected font must match the entire feel of your presentation. Textual content provides the flow to the presentation and simultaneously, the font provides the character and mood to the textual content. Its selection must be a well-thought decision.