5 ways to dig into audience to construct your presentation

A good presenter always stands at the same wave-length with his audience. He catches their mindset in the first few seconds of his presentation. Smarter ones catch them even before the start of the presentation by reading into their body-language. There may be few tricks to learn them in order to wrap your topic with their strength of logical intellect:

  1. You can always talk to some of them personally before the event starts to get a feel of their wisdom.
  2. You have to step outside your own way of thinking to match theirs. You as a presenter jump into their shoes to understand different things.
  3. On the base of a repeated interaction with some of them during the presentation, you will be able to construct your presentation in the words and manner you think would be conducive to build the understanding of the topic for them. You can bend your contents to suit to their intellectual levels.
  4. You can tweak your contents to make an easy engagement with them by evaluating their common background before you start speaking.
  5. Asking one-on-one questions to some of them earlier and to some of them during the presentation helps you a lot in understanding the audience’s level of interest in the topic and then, you can twist and turn your presentation-ingredients accordingly.

Learning from the audience how and how far they can learn, is the best way to carve your presentation. You must be astute enough to shape its contents and their course during the presentation as well. Getting into the perspective of the audience first and then changing it to yours subtly, is what matters.