5 Tips to tackle edginess before an oral presentation

Feeling jittery or nervy before speaking to a group is alright and normal for anyone of us, but it should not extend to you being frightened or scared. Making a speech on some topic is a special event and the significance of the event makes everyone a little bit anxious. But that anxiousness can be tackled easily by following some tips:

  1. A little bit of nervousness before the presentation keeps you on your toes as far as the preparation for it is concerned. You can use this restlessness to your gains by preparing even harder for the presentation. Every prominent presenter or performer feels a bit nervy before his performance.
  2. Bearing in mind that this presentation carries benefits for audiences, you will feel stronger inside. Just a feeling that you will not lose anything gives you a big morale-boost. You must know that in fact, it’s the audiences who should feel jittery about extracting the beneficial stuff from the presentation.
  3. Repeated practice and development of understanding on the main subject will wipe out the nerves from your mind.
  4. Developing a habit of ignoring the nervousness inside you goes a long way to help you. It can be done when you always think of the positive results after you render a successful presentation.
  5. If you keep your exterior calm and cool, it’s only human that your interior follows suit. Behaving in a cool manner always keeps you unruffled.

Positivity is the answer to any kind of edginess. When you only think of being successful, negative thoughts fly out from your mind and more often than not, everything falls in place.