5 tips to make start of spoken presentations effective

“Well begun is half done”, is a tradition-based saw which has all the sense. You engage someone with your personality, behavior or deeds in first few minutes, this is the proven fact. If someone has liked your persona and character in the beginning, it’s almost certain that he would behave with you accordingly in the rest of your interactions with him. In the spoken presentation as well, you must have a fascinating start to engage the audiences then and there. You can do this in ways:

  1. Make the start of your presentation very simple so that everyone falls for it. Also, the content with simplicity must have an undertone of thrill, passion and zeal. If you are passionate about anything, then only you can generate passion in someone for something. Your passion must come across conspicuous right at the start for the audiences.
  2. Your introduction must contain something unusual. You may start with something very distant from the core of the topic. You may start with a story and then link it to the core message of your presentation. You may start by talking to a member of the audience and pull him to the topic and everyone subtly.
  3. Right at the start, you pour the gist of the main message in a very simple manner and language. And present it in a way that it seems that it was not from the content of the presentation.
  4. Your opening must be based on the fact that no one in the audiences knows anything of the subject. You should start slowly and gradually build up the pace, but you must keep a pulse on the grasp of the audiences.
  5. Ensure in the start only that you have had an eye-contact with every member of the audiences. If the gathering is big, then you must act or give an impression that you have done this.

“First impression is the last impression” and this happens in presentations also. If you show in the opening of the presentation only that its core message carries a big gain for everyone and you are passionate about it, you will have achieved half of your goal definitely, then and there.