5 subtle tips for a Pitching Presentation for business-partners

A Pitching Presentation is a great means to convey your business-details, vision and mission. We have already elaborated on the essential ingredients of a Pitching Presentation in our previous blog, 11 integral points for a Pitching Presentation. But subtle variations are required for different target-audiences. A Pitching Presentation for investors would not be and should not be similar to a Pitching Presentation prepared for your business-partners. A fine-tuning with the same soul of content can do a world of good for specific target-audiences.

A Pitching Presentation for your business-partners must have these subtle connotations in the content:

  1. A solid corroboration of growth: You already have the target-audience as your partners in business. You already have communicated the business-intricacies and taken them on board with you. This presentation must contain few slides dedicated to project the growth of your business as astounding but believable. A validated growth based on true numbers would instill belief in them abundantly about the business.
  2. Invite them with perspectives: Apart from depicting possibilities, scale and course of your business at length in the presentation, you must have one or two slides which convey to your partners that you are keen to incorporate fresh perspectives in your business-plan. Extending significance to their ideas and inputs will put across that their status in the business is highly esteemed and connect them with your business even more intensely.
  3. A purposeful emphasis on skills and success of your teammembers: When you focus on your team-members highlighting the width and depth of their expertise, it rubs off to others also. Your business-partners may develop a certain confidence in their abilities and that augurs well for the viability of the partnership. An additional slide on the team with a well-written content can do wonders.
  4. Assimilate partners’ profile and contribution: We humans always get motivated when our contribution gets recognized. The same goes with your business-partners. Dedicate one or some slides to present their profile and specific contribution to your business-concept and plans!
  5. Spell out vulnerability: A slight hint of vulnerability goes a long way to extract confidence from your business-partners for your initiative. Success will be shared and failure will be yours, chances of the business finding roadblock or the way-out for them in the face of plan-collapse, all of this should be portrayed in a slide at the ending somewhere subtly. Conceding this vulnerability wrapped in an abstract content is the best way to present it.

      When you craft a Pitching Presentation for your business-partners, you know that they know the fundamentals of your business-plan. Even then in keeping with the specific format and to accentuate the facts and figures for them, you create it on the base of all the integral ingredients, but surely give it a realistic and holistic touch. And above all, you apparently take care of their sentiments and weave them seamlessly in the flow of the presentation to make it more specific and purposive.