5 reasons you would go for a start-up instead of a lucrative corporate job

Starting a venture is always thrilling, but it comes fraught with many challenges. When you are at a juncture in life where you have to decide which career-path you would follow, it’s a very big moment. The easier path is to choose a prominent company or organization and land up a well-paid job and the tougher but perhaps more satisfying alternative is to go for a start-up on your own. When you make your decision to dabble in the start-up, you stand to go through some of its obvious positive aspects:  

1. You learn to handle responsibilities: When you own something, that experience of ownership instills a deeper sense of responsibility in you and your work. You know that it’s your company and if you work sincerely, your company will grow. 

2. You gain the ability to counter challenges: Any entrepreneurial journey is replete with uncertainties, challenges and failures. While running a start-up, all your plans and policies are not going to fructify and give you profits, you are bound to meet disappointments. But you don’t stop, keep moving with corrective measures. This is the real essence of a start-up. 

3. You meet a number of opportunities: When you run a company from the scratch, you are at the helm of affairs and you can shape its functions and operational philosophy aligned with your objectives. You have ample opportunities to ingrain innovations in your products or services, revolutionize your industry with your innovative thinking and make striking alliances in order to achieve high-margin profit-growth.

4. You become a person of wide-ranging business-acumen: When you build your team for your enterprising effort, you get to interact with people skilled and experienced in different domains and industries. You are determined to get the best talents of the industry working for your firm. And working in tandem with them, you learn a lot of different things. You become a person of wide-ranging business-acumen. 

5. Your effort gets acknowledged: On your entrepreneurial journey, you bring innovative solutions in a specific field, come up with some path-breaking services or products or invent with your team modern-day-tools which go a long way to meet specific demands of general populace. Your effort is suddenly acknowledged and appreciated which is what gives you a sense of achievement. And you get geared up for greater goals. 

  A start-up journey is filled with frills, thrills and shrills. But that little sense of contribution in meeting demands of people, coupled with the sense of achievement, is a huge source of satisfaction.